Moving to India in 2025 on H-1B extension, I-140 portability, and future U.S. opportunities

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I need to relocate to India for family reasons in 2025. My I-140 has been approved for over 180 days, and my initial H1B visa is valid until August 2025. I want to keep my options open if I decide to return to the US in the future.

1. Is there any difference in moving to India before or after filing for my H1B extension if I plan to return to the US with the same or different employer?

2. Additionally, is there a time limit within which I must return to the U.S. with the same or a different employer with an approved I-140?

3. Do I need to go through the H1B lottery again anytime if I want to return in the future?

4. Does it matter if my PD is current when I return to the US?


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  1. There is no difference.
  2. Definitely, in about six years, there will be no issue.
  3. No. 
  4. Yes, that can be a problem.

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