I-140 Denied

My I-140 got Denied on Aug 17 on Ability to pay after a RFE.Reason for Denial is "Employer had filed more than 30 cases since sep 2008, and company's net Asset $4M(approx) AND Liablity $2M (approx) and so the net "LIABILITY" is $1M (4-2=1 but they have calculate as -1).30 cases with $1M libality is not sufficient to support this Immigrant , company needs more than $3M to support 30 cases. The truth is (as per my employer) that we have filed 29 cases since 2006 and not sep 2008 also company has more funds and the numbers 4M and 2M are incorrect.What can be done ?

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You can refile the I-140 or file an MTR/Appeal. Both have pros and cons.

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