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I saw some online forums stating that if I-140 withdrawn you can retain your PD date. Is it true under current circumstances? What is difference between I-140 Withdraw vs I-140 Revoke? If both are not the same, in which cases employers to for withdraw.

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A revocation means, an I-140 was approved and then cancelled. So revocation means there was an approval first. If a case has never been approved, it cannot be revoked. It can only be withdrawn or it can be denied.

Let’s say for e.g.: I file your I-140, and USCIS says we deny this case as there are problems that’s a denial. Everybody understands that. So I file your case (I am your employer) before the case gets approved I send a cancellation request that’s a withdrawal. My case gets approved then I write to the USCIS and say I want to cancel this case that is a revocation.

Another circumstance of revocation is when USCIS says we approved this case and they can go back and issue a notice of intent to revoke the case. Or if they find any fraud which is a very serious matter that should never be ignored that has criminal complications, that on an employee can operate as a permanent bar from entering the US. 

Therefore, when a case is approved and then cancelled out it is a revocation, whether it is done by the employer or the government, if the case is still pending it can only be withdrawn or denied.


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I filed an I 140 petition back in 2006 and my agency with which I applied is closed down. All communications was done through my agency and recently I retrieved the status of my i140 petition as revoked. Is my priory date still valid. How can I confirm that the PD is still valid?

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