Consequences of I-140 revocation

1. Consequences if revoked (I-140) within 180 days. Benefits, if unrevoked(I-140) for 180 days and end date at work still be May 15th (or, should I ask my employer to EXTEND my end date until end-of-June so I complete my 180 days of I-140).
2. How question (1) above will impact H4-EAD which is under processing. if approved before May-15th H4-EAD is still valid and can be used ?
3. Does it mean after May-15th (last day at work) I have 60 days grace period to look for a new employer who sponsors my H1-B?

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Video Transcript

1. If I-140 is revoked within 180 days of its approval you only get to keep your Priority Date. You do not get to keep your right to extend your H-1.

2. H-4 is completely dependent on the H-1, as long as you maintain your status I don't see any reason why the H-4 EAD cannot be used.

3. The 16 day period is not automatic. If you were laid off due to circumstances beyond your control you can ask the government to give you the 60 day grace period. If you find a job and file H-1 within that time. More


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