Changing Jobs After I-140 Approval

I have PERM approved and I-140 filed in regular processing by my current employer "A". I have got an opportunity from employer "B" and then told they will process my GC as fresh application. I have 17 months left on my H-1B visa.
1. In pending approval of I-140. will I get the extension of 3 years from USCIS when employer "B" initiate the transfer ? OR Will I get the H-1B transfer extension till max out ?
2. Is it recommendable to switch now in between of pending approval process of I-140?
3. Will leaving in between of pending process impact me in future when employer "B" files my GC once again ?

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Watch Video: Changing jobs after I-140 approval

Video Transcript:  Under the current laws, if you change jobs after I-140 approval you keep your priority date, but you lose your right to H-1 extensions beyond what is given if your old employer revokes/withdraws the I-140.

Now answering your questions

Answer 1.No, you will get an H-1B extension for the time remaining and you can actually claim one year extra if your PERM was filed more than a year ago. But you will get only three years if the I-140 is approved. Not if it is pending. 

Answer 2. I don't recommend it. I think you should get your I-140 premiums, get it approved and then leave if you want to.

Answer 3. I don't think that is a major issue, but do talk to your lawyers. Hence it makes sense in my view not to change until the I-140 is approved. 

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