Tourist/Visitors visa for people with special needs or challenges

I am planning to sponsor Visitor Visa for my sister,she was diagnosed with Down syndrome when she was 1 year and she is now 45 yrs old. Considering her condition, i would like to know what additional documentation is required for visitor Visa B1/B2 apart from I130, letters to consulate & bank statements.

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with special needs or challenges

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Since Trump administration has proven to be extremely hostile to immigration, both legal and undocumented I cannot predict what the consulate is  going to ask. My advice would be to go ahead and apply for her like it is a normal application. Now I also want to add that any people with special needs or challenges as long as they don't pose a threat to the US people or their property they should not have any extraordinarily more difficult burden to carry than anybody else but medically they might have to prove that they can be taken care of. FAQ in detail...

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