Marriage Based Petition

1. I am a GC holder for a year. I got married in dec of 2008 to a foriegn national and need to know when to file the I-130 for my wife. I do not have any tax returns as yet since i did not gain employement till 2009. I need to know the best way to tackle getting my wife over. If i send the I-130 in how soon will i need to provide financial documents like tax returns and other statements of support. Or will it be ideal for me to hold on till i have at least one years tax return as i would prefer not to be the cause of any processing delays. 2.As a follow up to the question 1, as advised by you I have gone ahead and submitted forms I-130/G-325A. The check for the applications has been cashed, but I would like to know what the next step is or how best to follow up on this.

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1. I think you should file ASAP. You can get a co-sponsor and show all other assets you have.

2. For basic information call the USCIS customer service. Your local Congressman can help in the follow up.

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