Green Card abandonment

My parents obtained their green card in December 2002 and came to U.S. Due to their age, they applied for I-130 and did not established 6 mo - residency until Jun - Dec 2005. Last US exit was in Dec 2005. They do not intend to abandon US residency and will come here when their health allows. Is their green card still valid - what else can be done here. Any help - most appreciated

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There is no law that requires a lawful permanent resident (GC Holder) to return within 6 months. But it is certainly better to do so. In any case, you must return before 12 months. BUT, remember, if you do not maintain your permanent home in the U.S., you can lose your GC even if you step out the U.S. for a day with an intent to go live somewhere else.

Thus, the law says that your permanent home in fact must be in the U.S. Even if you leave, it must never be for one year or more. But even leaving for shorter periods than a year could be problematic if you do not maintain your permanent res.

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