Applied Green card (family) while on H-1B

1. I came to the US on H-1B in November 2007. My sister is a citizen of this country and she applied for a green card for me (and my dependents) in the F4 category in 2009. I also came here in 2006 for 2 months on B1. I have never overstayed on my Visa. Is this fine or will it be a problem? We also mentioned my A#, SSN etc..on the I-130. 2. During the H1b process, I missed mentioning my sisters name on DS 156 (question 37). This is a question on the form to disclose if anyone in the family is a US citizen. Will this create an issue? On the I-130 form, in the proofs, my name was not on the birth certificate (date of birth, parents name etc..all match with my sisters birth certificate).However, after filing the form I-130, we worked with the government agencies in India to get it corrected.Is there a way we can send the updated birth certificate to USCIS or should we just wait?

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1. I see no issue in applying for a family based or employment based green card while on H-1.

2.  If the omission of your sister's name was unintentional, I do not see it becoming an issue. Regarding birth certificate, you may want to contact the customer service. Normally, CIS is reluctant to accept later changes. But you should be able to overcome any problems they raise.

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