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I am currently doing my bachelor's in Computer Science outside the US, my goal is to work in an industry that generally doesn't sponsor visas. I was born in Canada, so just a ROW backlog. Since I can't rely on anyone sponsoring H1B or even TN(also not a TN classified job), I will need a green card before working in the industry.

I'm wondering how difficult it is to get an EB2-NIW with just a bachelor's (exceptional ability), can you explain the process and criteria for this if possible?

My field is adjacent to AI/ML right now I'm doing an internship as an Undergraduate research assistant and by the end, I should have 6 internships (not sure if this helps). The criteria I'm going for (obviously just a guess right now) I'm planning to get a few certifications for AI/ML (from reputable organizations).

I will have a degree in the field. I'm already a member of a few organizations in my field. I can get my professors, managers during my internships and other peers, to write recommendation letters for me.

Can you provide some context as to what they are looking for in this category and it would be great if you could give some recommendations on what I can do to build a solid case. I'm already a member of a few organizations in my field (eg: IEEE and BCS)

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As long as you have a change of status, such as an F-1 to H-1B change, visa stamping is not an issue when transitioning from a B-2 to H-1B. The key consideration is the validity of your I-94 while inside the USA.