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I have a Masters degree from US and based on the forum and Q&A I think I'd qualify for EB2 category for GC. I am with company A and am contemplating if I should go forward with GC processing or change the job. I am completing 4 yrs on H1 by this month end and would like to make an educated decision given the companies are not eager to hire on H1 if it is completing 6 yrs soon.
Can you please let me know how long the process may take if it has to be initiated now? I would be interested in premium processing of I-140, adjustment of status and EAD.


For people born in countries that have an EB2 backlog, times can vary greatly from 3-4 years to longer depending upon a number of variables. One big advantage of getting at least to the I-140 approved stage is that you can carry your priority date to the next employer and get H-1 extension beyond six years.

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