EB3 to EB2 and I-140 Refile

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I have worked for Company A and got my labor certificate(Approved in May 2009) and I-140(Approved in Nov 2009 under Eb-3). But company A got acquired by Company B. Company B bought major part of the assets from Company A. Both companies do same kind of business.

1. The new company B is in same County and State(but different cities).
2. I Will be doing similar or same work in a similar position.
3. H1B transfered from Company A to Company B.
1) Can company B use Company A Labor certicate and refile the I-140 again?
2) Since Company A filed I-140 on EB-3, Can Company B refile I-140 on EB2?


Generally speaking, I see this as a good opportunity to start a new PERM under EB2 and then transfer the priority date. Speak with your lawyers.

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