EB2 or EB3

I have 7 years of experience with 3year bachelors degree + 2year masters degree from India.Job for which my GC is being filed is Bachelors degree+6yr experience. As per knowledge from different online sources 3year bach. degree+2year masters degree+5years progressive,post-masters exp.- Is considered as EB-2 Professionals with Advanced Degrees.My lawyer is saying since my bachelors(India)is a 3yr program & US bachelors degree is a 4yr program so my case falls under EB3 & not EB2. She also specified that under EB2 category the educational degree must be from a "single source" & not from combination of degrees.

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Generally speaking, if BS and MS are in the same or similar fields, you should be able to combine them to arrive at a 4-year degree for EB2 purposes. You should have a shot at EB2.

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