EB2 from EB3 qualification

I am currently petitioned under EB3 (for embassy interview already) but unfortunately is caught up with the retrogression. Can I apply for an EB2 visa? I have a Bachelor's degree (BSN), took up Medicine (equivalent of a master's degree in academe) and currently is a faculty/administrator in one of the top nursing schools in Manila, going on 5 years of service. I am likewise a PhD student (Major in Biology) in one of the top university also in Manila. Am I qualified for an EB2? If yes, is EB2 a family based peition? My parents live in New Jersey. Thank you.

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The term "EB" means employment-based. EB-2 is available for people with post graduate degrees (by US standards) OR a 4 years bach. degree with five years of progressively responsible experience. You need to speak with your lawyers about applying for an EB-2 and transferring your priority date.

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