Does an H-1B Transfer approval overrule an earlier transfer?

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I am on my 60 days grace period. I am doing H1B transfers and have one offer from a staffing company that I have joined already, and one offer from a full-time company. The staffing company has filed an H1B transfer in premium, and the full-time company is yet to file this coming week.

I have joined the staffing company. Suppose if H1B transfer with the staffing company gets approved this coming week. Does that transfer from my ex-company to a full-time company still stay valid, or now as H1B with the staffing company is approved I have to transfer it from staffing to a full-time company?


If two companies file for your H-1B transfer within the 60-day grace period, both approvals of the transfer are valid. One does not overrule the other. You can choose either one.

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