Covid Coronavirus Extension of B-1-B2 (tourist visas or business visas)

My parents are here in US on B1/B2 visitor visa and their I-94 expires on June 5th. With the current Covid Situation, I feel it's risky to send older parents back to India. I would like to know if I can apply for extension of stay based on this situation? USCIS will consider this kind of pandemic situation in to account for extension? If I can apply extension how soon I should do and how long I can extend ( can do 6 months)?

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Covid Coronavirus Extension of B-1-B2 (tourist visas or business visas)


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This is an extremely important question, applying for an extension of B-1/B-2 status while there is coronavirus epidemic happening. ABSOLUTELY apply for your B-1/B-2 extension. It should not be a problem and once you apply for it online using form I-539 it is received by the government. You don't have to step outside your house. Now specifically answering your question you can extend six months from June. So once the application is received your parents can continue to stay here while the application is pending. FAQ in detail...

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