Continuing work or reverting to STEM OPT during H-1B Change of Status

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Q1. If I change my employer while my H-1B COS is filed but not yet approved, then can I keep using my OPT and STEM with my new employer, or I will lose both OPT & H-1B, and will be out of status?

Q2. If my H-1B COS is denied, then can I keep using my OPT and STEM, or I will lose both OPT & H-1B, and will be out of status?

Q3. How often does it happen that H-1B COS, transfer, and renewal get denied? And what could be possible reasons for denial?

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1. You can  double check with your DSO  about the technical issues involved.

2. You have to go back to your DSO and tell them you would like to continue on OPT STEM.

3. All the time.

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