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My husband and I got our green cards through my husband's Employer (EB3). We submitted I-140, I-485 for primary beneficiary (my husband), I-485 for derivative beneficiary (me) on December 27th 2004 (visa dates were current) Our entire application got rejected on Jan 04 2005.I attached the letters mailed to us. USCIS stated that my signature was missing Our lawyer responded to USCIS on Jan 05 2005 and refiled the rejected application on March 08 2005 (visa dates not available for EB3 in March) He requested USCIS to honor December 27 2004 stamp-date for Primary Beneficiary my husband as his application was complete. He also mentioned that he has is resubmitting my application with my revised signature Instead of just accepting my husband's application, USCIS also accepted my application on March 8th 2005 receipt date - March 10th 2005. During Visa Debacle in July 2007 , we received our green cards on September 2007. I am eligible for applying citizenship. I am in a dilemma whether to apply or not. One of the lawyer’s I contacted before said that USCIS sometimes wrongly accepts applications without visa dates and prematurely approves them too and mine might be one of those cases.During citizenship application, they will review the whole immigration history and there is a chance that your green card will be revoked. Is it safe not to apply for Citizenship and renew it when needed?

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This is likely to be a long discussion. My bottomline recommendation: let your husband obtain his naturalization first. Thereafter you apply for yours. If something goes wrong, his naturalization gets you another green card right away, without ever leaving the USA.

Citizenship and Naturalization: 
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