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My friend's F1 visa was recently revoked, and he was forced to return to India because his first employer had been placed on a blacklist. Also, he has applied for an OPT extension, which will provide him with an updated EAD, but we don't know how this would affect the process of getting the New EAD. He is working with a firm on a contract job now, but the end client which is a state gov company is considering him for Full time and can sponsor him for H1B. His old EAD expired on the 9th of January. He was traveling from India to the States on the 4th of January and was sent back. Questions: Is there any way that he could reinstate his Visa? Can the company sponsor H1B directly, if so what documents would the company need? If the H1B is picked, when can he travel back?

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Being turned away at a US airport or port of entry can have significant consequences. Here's what you need to know:
Voluntary Withdrawal: If you choose to withdraw your application for admission, you avoid a 5-year entry ban but may have limited options when seeking to re-enter the US in the future.
Refusal of Admission: This comes with a 5-year ban on re-entry. In some cases, you may be able to apply for a waiver.
Fraudulent Employers: Involvement with any employer who engages in fraudulent activities can lead to a permanent ban on entering the US. It's incredibly difficult to get a waiver in these circumstances.

To avoid these situations:
Be Aware: Stay informed about potentially fraudulent employers. Universities may alert you if they suspect issues.
Consult an Attorney: If you've worked for an employer you now believe to be fraudulent, immediately consult an immigration lawyer. Your level of involvement and when you leave the employer will have a significant impact on your potential liability.
Important Note: There are currently no known successful lawsuits against fraudulent employers in these types of situations.