Applying for tourist, visitors, B-1, B-2 to maintain status

Spoken to the current employer's attorney on Tourist visa , they replied its not a correct path moreover it takes much proofs to tell USCIS i was on H1b working for employer and then changing to visitors and then after certain period of time when i find a project, changing it back (i.e applying) to h1 makes this case more complex.

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Applying for tourist, visitors, B-1, B-2 to maintain status

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B-1/B-2 is not a perfect solution, but it allows you to be in an authorized period of stay for up to six months. You can apply before the six months are over for another extension whether or not you get it as long as the case is pending it was timely filed you are not illegal. You do not accrue unlawful presence, but you cannot jump to another status for that  you might have  to go outside USA. But under the current environment, it is an good point to argue. FAQ in detail...

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