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H1-B Visa Stamp Expired - but H1-B Status Valid until Sept 2023 (I-797 Approval Notice) 

I-140 approved long back, I-485 pending (PD not current but close), I-765 + I-131 approved Combo Card. Travelled to India with both H-1B I-797 and I-485 EAD/AP (Validity was 1 Year) and returned a couple months back; chose to return on I-485 AP because could not get a Visa Drop Box Appointment. New I-94 received upon entry is only valid till AP expiry date; which is prior to H-1B I-94 attached to I-797 (Sept 2023). No change of Employer before or after the travels - return to the same employer.

a) Does the use of AP on returning mean the H-1B status is abandoned in this case?

b) Will I fall out of status after August 2022 - based on this new I-94 with AP entry?

c) Can the already approved H1B status be reinstated (if it was abandoned) and also be extended like regular H1B extension after 2023 - if yes, would that need a travel out of the country before August 2022 and return on H-1B visa stamp?


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a). Although you entered the United States on advance parole this time you are still considered to be holding a H-1B status. That is not disturbed by your exit and entry.

b). The I-94 that you get with the advance parole entry is limited and hence it should not be a problem. You should be able to transfer employers. You definitely can amend or even extend your H-1B within the United States. I am not aware of any limitations on the ability to use the H-1B for a transfer.

c). Yes you can always revive an H-1B. If the H-1B has expired, you can seek a renewal of the H-1B through the USCIS and then go outside the USA (your home country or any country) and get a H-1B visa stamp and come back.



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