Guestbook Entry for Guneshwar Sharma, United States

Guneshwar Sharma
United States

I would recommend Rajiv Khanna and his firm to anyone who wants to have a seamless and worry free experience. Rajiv is extremely professional and gives excellent advises. His great attitude and approach has surely been passed on to his entire team. In my case, he went above and beyond to give advises with a tricky divorce related immigration questions. Last but not the least, Diane, who worked on my case, works faster than the speed of light. She is always super quick in responding to queries and always gives the right information. I am impressed and fortunate to have Rajiv and Diane work on my green card process. I can't thank Rajiv and Diane enough for a smooth and wonderful experience. If at all I have the opportunity to work with them again, I would not think twice. Thank you Rajivji & Diane!!

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