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Guestbook Entry for Suresh Jayaraman, United States

Suresh Jayaraman
United States

Heather Riddick and Rajiv handled my Green card process as well as my Wife's H4 EAD. Both Green card(So far I-140 is approved) and H4 EAD process(My wife has already received the approval) went fine and were approved. I feel their strength is proper planning and co-ordination with the client. Heather Riddick over sees all the details and verify the documents needed for the process every now and then before we file so no document is missed. Thank you Heather Riddick for all your effort. It is a great pleasure working with you. Your quick response all of my emails clarifications were one of the reasons for the success. Keep up the good work.

Rajiv on the other hand keeps team up-do-date with all current topics of immigration and that helps his entire team to stay on top of all issues. e..g is my wife's H4 EAD. USCIS had changed the I-765 form one day before filing and Heather was very proactive in downloading and filling the forms, send it out to clients to get their signatures. Even with the last minute change from USCIS she could file H4 EAD on time. Kudos for that. I would definitely recommend Rajiv and team for immigration work of any kind. Every dollar you spend as legal fee is worth.

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