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Guestbook Entry for Savan , United States

Los Angeles
United States
I owe my success to Rajiv Khanna and their diligent team.  It would never been possible without all your efforts, during difficult times of visa cancellation all those conference calls made me feel secure, answering RFE was very crucial as I had only 5 days remaining to reply and still you accepted it.  I also got benefitted in H1b processing as I had offer letter with me for 4 months but due to one major concern my employer was holding it back and even after consulting few lawyer I could not get satisfactory response. I consulted Rajiv Khanna again and as always I found answeres to all my questions.  It just like consulting a doctor some are really dedicated to their profession and I found Mr. Khanna just like them. Thank you once again Rajiv Khanna and team.  

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