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Guestbook Entry for Lila T., United States

Lila T.
United States

I can only recommend working with Rajiv's law offices. Rajiv himself and his teammates (Kalpana in our case) have been professional, efficient, smart and reliable.
We started to work with Rajiv to apply for a cap H1B in March 2016. Our file was excellent and we have been selected. Our petition, to our and Rajiv's immense surprise, has been denied without any relevant arguments from the immigration agent. Rajiv gave us precious advices, he was confident that we would win with an appeal. Rajiv built our appeal file, and later our RFE answer. We contacted Rajiv and Kalpana many times in the process; they always came back to us promptly and proposed call appointments in the next 2-4 business days. They were very well organized and precise in their answers. Our appeal has been sustained.
I was finally able to get the H1B visa. I know Rajiv and Kalpana are a big part of our success. I am very grateful for their work.

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