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Have valid L-1 Visa, but I-94 expires

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I have valid visa till 2013. Last year when I came to US, my passport was about to expire in Dec'2011 and hence I got my I-94 till Dec'2011. Now I have renewed my passport. At the time of entry, the officials said I can apply for extension once I renew my passport. I saw your previous comments "legality of stay in USA is governed by your I-94, not the visa." So my question is how to do L-1 extension?

British citizen on L-1 visa

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I am a British citizen on L1 visa. My boyfriend is a US citizen and we intend to marry. If we seek the fiancé visa, will I have to go back to the UK for any time? And if I intend to relocate within the US to collocate with him (and therefore will need to find a new employer) what kind of working visa could I obtain?

You can just get married and apply for a green card directly while you are still in USA. You can continue working on L-1. In 90 days or so, you should also receive your EAD, if you apply.

USCIS Issues Final Memo on Implementation of Increased Fees for Certain H-1B and L-1 Petitions

This memorandum provides guidance regarding implementation of the provisions of Public Law 111-230 that increase certain H-1B and L-1 petition fees. The additional fee applies to petitioners that employ 50 or more employees in the United States with more than 50% of their employees in the United States in H-1B or L-1A or L-1B nonimmigrant status. Petitioners meeting those criteria must submit the additional fee with an H-1B or L-1 petition filed.

L-1 visa from an affiliate

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I worked as Dept. Director at a Spanish Hotel from Jan 08-Jul 09. My employment was in the Hotel full-time, but was hired/paid through a consulting firm they employed (and still employ) to manage the operations of that department. I have now been offered a position (Dec 2010) in a similar Managerial/Director job within the Hotel's parent company in the USA but I have not got a US work permit, (I am Spanish). Can I qualify for the L1-blanket visa of the Company, based on my history with their consultant? Do I need to be employed by Hotel in Spain again prior to applying for the L1 visa?

Interesting situation. Not having researched this issue, I am guessing, the only way you can qualify for the L-1 is if you can establish that the hotel in Spain was your "true" employer in that they controlled you, even though your salary was paid by the consulting company.

L1A-Blanket petition

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I came to USA before 3 years and 6 months on L1B-Individual visa. I had 2 years of managerial experience before 3.5 years with the same employer, outside U.S.A. Now I got my L1A-Blanket petition approved and waiting for Personal Appearance with U.S.Consulate. My concern is that, I read in the conditions that the experience should be within the preceding three years....but I have managerial experience before 3.5 years. Will affect the chances?

There is an exemption of time for people who come to USA and continue working with the same group of companies in USA. Their 3 years are counted back from the date they enter USA.

Request Info for L1 visa to do business

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My parents are in Kenya and do business there. I want to have them shift to the states and do business here. Can my parents start a subway franschise on an L1 visa? My father owns supermarkets and a mall in kenya. I was wondering if he could get an L1 visa and start business here. What options does he have?
Can we start a fast food joint based on an L1 visa as well? Also, I would like to mention that my parents would like to keep the business in Kenya to continue and they would want to travel between the US and Kenya.

L-1 visas have progressively become more difficult for smaller companies. But I think it my be worth a try.