Recording for February 15, 2024 Conference Call with Rajiv S. Khanna

FAQs: Blacklisted employer, F-1, H-1B, L-1 turned back at the airport || H-1B visa and entrepreneurship: Launching a business with US citizen brother, Shareholding, Green card || National Interest Waiver standards; AI list of critical and emerging technologies focus || OPT EAD errors and typos: Eligibility for resubmission or renewal strategy? || How to calculate time: H-1B grace period; H-4 COS; H-1B transfer delays

Others: Leaving H-1B sponsor & staying outside the US: Can EAD/AP alone allow re-entry? || Expedite I-130 review for marriage green card with recent documents (SSN, driver's license) and part-time job || Grace period after layoff? Unused EAD & H-1 extension complication (I-485 pending) || Early start for cap-subject H-1B transfer? Options after lottery and application || H-1B eligibility: Impact of prior L-2 and L-1A visas on duration of stay || Can NIW green card holders use AC21 for job changes?

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