Recording for November 30 2023, Conference Call with Rajiv S. Khanna

FAQs: H-1B visa transfer before arrival into the USA|| Employee paying for green card and H-1B premium costs || Using an old H-1B visa stamp of a different employer

Other Topics: Options after overstaying tourist visa (B visa), E-2 visa consideration, and long-term residency goals || Transitioning from L-1B to L-1A for EB-1C green card eligibility || Potential EB-1 filing: Seeking expert advice on immigration strategy and retrogression considerations || H-1B work outside the U.S.: Understanding exemptions from the 6-year limit and administrative details || H-1B cap exemption, AOS, and I-140 considerations after a career break || H-4 challenges: Working on H-4 EAD and addressing residency concerns for cross-border commuters || B-1/B-2 visa renewal: Options and considerations for H-1B holders in the U.S. || I-94 travel history discrepancies: Addressing errors and ensuring smooth reentry for F-1 visa holders

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