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Discussion Topics, Thursday 19 October 2017:

FAQ: Pros and cons of adjustment of status and consular processing for green card || Applying for green card while holding H-4 status; applying for green card and permanent residence for another country simultaneously ||Changing status from tourist or business visa (B1 or B2) within the United States|| How to read the visa bulletin? || What type of questions can be asked in consular or adjustment of status interview for employment based applicants || Effect of a speeding ticket on green card or naturalization/citizenship || Effect of moving abroad while still on H-1B visa || Denial of H-1B on Level 1 wage issue || Doing business on H-4 EAD. Other: Family-based green card for an H-1B holder || Filing concurrent H-1B for family-owned business || Relationship between maintaining US permanent residence and expiration of green card || I-94 correction through the CBP || H-4 visa/status issues || H-1B laid off || H-4 EAD to H-1 || H-4 EAD issues, etc.

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Discussion Topics, Thursday 5 October 2017: FAQ: Current immigration/visa options for entrepreneurs || Immigration consequences of a denial of entry at the airport || Status of H-4 EAD litigation/suit ||

Other: Status change while another application is pending (H-1, H-4) || RFE issued AFTER H-1 approval || I-485 Advance Parole staying in the USA after I-94 expiration || Change in job titles effect on green card and H-1 || VAWA for H-4 || Responding to level 1 wage on H-1 RFE || Timing etc. of green card application while H-1 is still in process || Citizenship, effect of non filing of taxes ||Applying for green card for step daughter || I-140 approval uncertain || Effect on H-4 EAD when H-1 loses job || H-4 EAD rule litigation || I-94 approval duration discrepancy || Time lines in green card || Level 1 wage issues

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FAQ: Denial of naturalization/citizenship applications - the new trend || Are there any time limits on how late an I-485 can be filed after the priority dates become current? || Status and unlawful presence questions in the form DS-160

Other: Filing H-1 B amendments while another case is pending ||Temporary EAD for H-4 holders ||Considerations for marriage-based green card ||Consequences of getting laid off on H-1B ||Quota H-1B transfer before October 1 ||H-4 visa stamping ||B visa canceled without prejudice || Adopting a child in H-1B status || Changing jobs after green card approval ||Consequences of H-1B visa denial and what to do thereafter ||Working from home on H-1B

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FAQ: Fastest method of getting spouse of a green card into the USA and reducing wait
FAQ: Is new H-1B visa stamping needed if you change employers?
FAQ: H-1B visa stamping in Canada or Mexico; importance of I-94
FAQ: What are the options of an H-1B visa is denied and petition sent for revocation?

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Discussion Topics, Thursday 13 July 2017: 

FAQ: Evidence or documents created after the filing of a petition || H-4 EAD when an I-140 is revoked after 180 days || Can a green card be started on F-1 status? || New regulations, effect on layoff after I-140 approval || Reentry permit to preserve green card and extensions || I-94 given for a shorter duration at the airport than the petition approval date ||

Other: Deportation for crimes || Changing status after marriage in the USA || Revocation of I-140 after 180 days || Effect of minor violations on immigration status || Filing H-1 amendment, etc. || Removal of condition, Form I-751 || Multiple I-94 issued || Changing status when a change of status petition is pending || PERM - effect of variation in job description/requirements || Getting a copy of I-140 by filing FOIA with USCIS || Applying for change of status to H-1 || Calculating deadlines for RFE response falling on holidays || Changing status from H-1 to F-1, etc.

Regarding Impact On H-4 EAD During Job Change

1. The essence of your understanding is correct. You are safe against revocation.
2. No effect on H-4 EAD of H-1 change of jobs, as long as the H-1 holder maintains status.
3. Again, no effect on H-4 EAD if your new green card is filed.

Unless the context shows otherwise, all answers here were provided by Rajiv and were compiled and reported by our editorial team from comments and blog on immigration.com

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