Recording of Free Community Conference Call (Every Other Thursday), July 13, 2017

Substantial transcription for video

Discussion Topics, Thursday 13 July 2017: 

FAQ: Evidence or documents created after the filing of a petition || H-4 EAD when an I-140 is revoked after 180 days || Can a green card be started on F-1 status? || New regulations, effect on layoff after I-140 approval || Reentry permit to preserve green card and extensions || I-94 given for a shorter duration at the airport than the petition approval date ||

Other: Deportation for crimes || Changing status after marriage in the USA || Revocation of I-140 after 180 days || Effect of minor violations on immigration status || Filing H-1 amendment, etc. || Removal of condition, Form I-751 || Multiple I-94 issued || Changing status when a change of status petition is pending || PERM - effect of variation in job description/requirements || Getting a copy of I-140 by filing FOIA with USCIS || Applying for change of status to H-1 || Calculating deadlines for RFE response falling on holidays || Changing status from H-1 to F-1, etc.

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