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S Kenny
United States

I have got my H1-b visa transferred twice in tough situations through successful representation of my cases by Rajiv S Khanna Law Offices. They have a highly professional, experienced and knowledgable staff. Best thing about RSK is that they have the most current information about immigration laws and the personalized attention (irrespective of whether you are a big corporation or an individual). In my experience they quickly grasped the problem, finished the paperwork swiftly and presented it in a very favourable way, that too for a very nominal fee (yes, fraction of what others charge!). What amazed me was the paralegals working at RSK are very involved and intelligent, they made a very important suggestion (which I overlooked) and saved me money and trouble. Mr. Rajiv Khanna himself is great man, possesses the best expertise in this field at the same time very modest and helpful. Special thanks to Charu Bhagat and Rena Waddel for handling my case. RSK Offices are doing a great service by providing latest information through this site. I have nothing but praise for everyone working there. Nobody has a magic wand, but if you have a immigration case/problem then I suggest you should leave it to RSK Offices.

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