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Divya S
United States

Thank you!! GC in hand after 12 years!! It was long journey of more than 12 years but have been made easy with Mr. Khanna and his dedicated team! We are very Thankful to him and his team. I got the EB2 approved in less than 2 months which was a big surprise as a Physical Therapist and now change In status for I-485 in less than 3 months which was unbelievably faster than any processing time line mentioned online. I especially would like to thank Mr. Bryant who was always available to answer our questions and concerns and was prompt to reply every email in a short duration. We must have exchanged more than hundred calls or emails. Mr. Khanna was available and with his expertise and knowledge, cleared our doubts and gave the best answers to complicated situations at times. I would also like to Thank Ms. Suman, Ms. Anna and Ms. Prerna for helping with first H1 b approval process and 3 extensions thereafter. I would highly like to recommend their team!

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