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Thanks to Rajiv and Heather for successful approval of my I-140 approval. Journey started with some questions as student visa holder where Rajiv answered all of my questions with full patients and at the end of call he Refunded my fees bcoz he doesn't charge any fees to students. Next was H1b process where my chance of approval was very slim and the company was at its starting phase. Having no options on table we took a chance, with Rajiv's skills and tremendous experience he made the case that no one can deny it and we got it approved. Same thing with I140 stage where also chance of approval were very slim due to change in conditions of business, he offered me to abandon the case in middle and save his fees which I think no one in his profession would do that. Then we decided to put some faith in god and Rajiv' S expertise as we already knew he can make the case with any situations. and here we go I140 approved.............Hoorey.............he did it. Thank you you are the best ...

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