Guestbook Entry for Dr. Pragati Rawat, United States

Dr. Pragati Rawat
United States

Rajiv, Diane, June, and Kunal worked with me to get my EB1A approved. I shared my CV and credentials with Rajiv ji just as I was graduating out of my PhD and again got in touch with him after a year. This time he showed conviction in my profile and that gave me the confidence to move forward and apply for EB1A category. The team's efforts in preparing my file and insights in my case were tremendous. I just got my EB1A approved, all thanks to this team. I listened to their advice and had faith in their guidance and would suggest others to believe in them. If they say there is a good chance, then there probably is. They have years of experience in this field. I strongly recommend Rajiv and team for help related to immigration.

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