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It was a pleasure to work with attorney Rajiv Khanna and his dedicated team members, specially Diane. They have helped filing my green card application effectively, cleared all the queries on time, and provided appropriate guidance at every critical moments towards the approval of our immigration visa in the EB1A category (now E11). We filed the I-140 petition from India in Oct. 2016. I was kind of nervous when got the I-140 RFE. However, the excellently drafted RFE response was sufficient to convince the USCIS personnel to get approval of I-140 in Feb. 2017. Consequently we applied for immigration visa to National Visa Center (NVC) through consular processing and finally the immigration visa got approved in Oct. 2017. So it took exactly 1 year from the filing of I-140 to the approval of immigration visa. During this period, I contacted Rajiv, Diane and Suman (another dedicated team member) hundred of times and got the necessary and effective suggestions promptly. They were also available for multiple video calls through Skype for discussing the major issues. I never felt I am outside of US. I'll highly recommend 'Law Offices of Rajiv S. Khanna' if you are planning to apply for US green card (immigration visa) or even other types of visa, either from US or even from outside, like me. Thank you very much Rajiv Ji and the team :)

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