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Manoj Jadhav
United States

I am very delighted to write our journey for O1 visa apporval for me and my wife with Mr. Rajiv ji and his excellent, highly professional and kind team. We approached to Mr. Khanna's law firm through my current employer, the process of writing the petition, collecting the papers and then review, edit and final submission was handled with the highest quality standards and as per the required regulations. We had several phone call discussions with Mr. Khanna, and to my surprise he knew every minute details of the information which was provided to him by us. Frankly speaking this was a truly professional at the same time a kind humanized approach from the team of Mr. Khanna. Special thanks goes to Ms. Diane Lombardo for her unconditional help, support and encouragement. We strongly recommend this firm to be used for any law related assignment. (e.g. visa, green card etc). Time management was excellent, follow up was extremely good. Best Regards, Dr. Manoj Jadhav,PhD, FCP

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