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Great, Dedicated, and knowledgeable team

After leaving previous employer, and got the position with new employer. I was looking for good lawyer or firm, I talked and met with many top immigration lawyer firm, no one convinced me. When I talked to Rajiv S. Khanna, I was convinced because I could feel the truth inside him, and the knowledge he has.  He and his great team took my case, prepared, and filed successfully. Mathew, Mark,William, and Rajiv were really helpfull. There is true diversity in Rajiv S. Khanna law firm. They all work like a fmily. Mark was really helpfull during whole process from AC21 to getting the GC, include filing AP, and EAD. He always promptly response, alwasys keep posted, and file all documents timely. Any legal question Mathew promptly respond, and resolved. I love them. I would highly recommend Rajiv S. Khanna Law firm because of their dedication to each of the case and experties in immigration matters. Thank you!! Rasheed

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