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Dilip Jeyram
United States

I have engaged Rajiv's office for over 10 years now for many different reasons. I've also been recommending Rajiv's law offices to my aquaintences & friends for over 10 years now. I have very close examples of people who lost 3-5 years going to some other lawyer & later, at  my advise, going through Rajiv's office, who somehow 'fixed everythin' ???? Rajiv once told me ... ' why do you want to engage my office? this is so simple, you can do it yourself and save some money..."  if you expect more from a lawyer... you are crazy!!!!! For Rajiv, its not about the money... he REALLY wants to 'do the right thing'. Rajiv provided me guidance for a new case - at no cost just because I was a old client -  & literally advised me I could save money by doing the work myself - it was very simple. I was infact, ready to pay him or some other lawyer 100s of $s because this was a inquiry near & dear to me. There is no better example of honesty & forthrighness ( i've dealt with many lawyers in my lifetime & if you have a better example, I'd certainly like to hear it) .  I'd ( & have already ) recommend Rajiv for his unparalleled knowledge & honesty in a instant & have also, personally, gone back to him time and again - H1B , family visas, family GC, company visas etc etc etc - again & again......its a no-brainer for me... & yeah.. I'd put my money where my mouth is.... --DJ

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