Employment Authorization Document is a general term describing the documentation which evidences a person's right to work. EAD's are given during many statuses and processes such as A , E, F-1 visa, G, J-2, K, L-2 etc. and adjustment of status.

Interim EAD by noon

I went to Arlington, Virginia for a walk-in on Wednesday (April 14). As of the 7th, they dont take walkins on Wednesday afternoon. I was told to come back the next day at 7:30.

I cam back on 15 at 7 AM (there were already 100
people in front of me). They opened at 7:30 and we were directed a room in the secon floor. Waited in the room until 10.00 and was told that I would receive the EAD the same day. I waited some more in a different room and obtained my interim EAD little after noon.

Few things to note:

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Easy time in Columbus - EAD

I actually had a very easy time in Columbus. I went to the offices at 7:30 am on Tuesday 13th April and was directed to stand outside in the rain until 7:45. At 7:45 I went in and joined the surge to the elevators.

Once in the offices, I was checked by a security officer (who was very helpful), gave my receipts, completed I-765, and took a seat. I was called in about an hour later to be finger printed and photographed, and I went back to the waiting room. I left by 9:20am with my card.

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My EAD was pending for more than 94 days.. so, I went today to the Newark USCIS office

Sequence of events :

1. Stood in line at 7 AM.
2. Let into Room 200 at 9 AM. (Separate Line for interim EAD applicants).
3. Was sent to Room 1300 at 9:15 AM, after a cursory check of documentation.
4. Was called to a window at 12:40 PM.
5. Tough lady at the counter asked a lot of arbitrary questions (why did I
not have my old expired passports with me? etc.), and then approved my
6. Went to Room 1304 - sat for about 20 mins.. they called my name, got my

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My personal experience at the Columbus

I would like to provide my personal experience at the Columbus, Ohio office. It was a frustrating experience like any other government office experience.We went there at 7.45 AM. We submitted the application forms and the EAD renewal notices, which the security submitted inside to the USCIS (BCIS ) officers. We were walk-in applicants for interim EADs. It seems that the Columbus office prioritizes "all" the people who have prior appointments before the walk-ins. Therefore, our turn did not come until 12-12.30 PM.

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Went to Newark for Interim EAD

Went to Newark for Interim EAD recently and got in line early at 6am. Got into office at 8am went to 2nd floor, and then got the iEAD appl. With i765 receipt was soon sent to 13th floor ( room #1300 )here they check your papers, i485 receipt, i-140 etc... ( basis for EAD )then sent to room# 1304 here your photo & FP will be done got the iEAD card around 10.30am

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EAD Renewal

My wife's EAD expired last month and she stopped working till today. She applied renewal in December, 2003. We waited till 90 days is complete and went to local USCIS office on 3/22/2003. It is a walk in. The lady in reception verified the I-765 receipt. After making sure that 90 days have lapsed. She asked us to fill some paper work and wait in the adjoining hall. The office called her and collected her Driver's License and expired EAD. After verification he returned Driver's License and asked her to get her picture taken in the next room.

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