I would like to first thank you for all your support and help to the community with their immigration matters

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United States

I would like to first thank you for all your support and help to the
community with their immigration matters.

Here is our ( unpleasant experience ) getting my wife's Interim EAD (we applied Sept 23, 03 ) at San Francisco USCIS.
January 09 2004

8:50 am Got to the USCIS office.

9:21 am We were given a token (F 646) and asked to wait in the waiting which was almost FULL ( this area has a capacity of 300). The token stated a estimated wait period of 3 hrs 35 minutes ( yes this is for REAL! ). When we got to the waiting area the token being served in our category was F 619

1:40 pm Our token was called, we submitted the application and all supporting documentation ( this package was made available to us by our lawyer ). We were asked to report to the EAD room and that our case would be called out. When we got to the EAD room there were 2 officers attending to cases, about 6 EAD's were issued and the officers left the room.( one for the day and the other ... no idea)

2:00 pm After waiting in the EAD room with nobody helping us for 20 minutes I went back to the counters and informed them that there was NOBODY in the EAD room. I was told that a supervisor would be informed and that somebody would come and help us.

2:30 pm Officer arrived in the EAD room, helped other( who had arrived in the EAD room ) after us before us and finally got to us ( wonder what ever happened to first come first serve ).

2:40 pm Interim EAD ( only for 8 months ) granted- FINALLY!! ( the actual time to take signature/photo/fingerprint was less than 2 minutes ). We were told that the REAL EAD would arrive from the CSC "soon".

I initially felt that we could have avoided the wait by arriving early,
during later conversations with equally frustrated fellow applicants I met a couple which had arrived at the office at 7:30 am, they were attended to at the same time as we were.

So much for a constructive use of TIME. Just beats me why the USCIS does not make appointments. Would surely save their time and efforts as well.

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