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Ranjit Nambiar
United States

Rajiv , I have an account with Immigration .com . Couple of day back I stamped my GreenCard . Iam happy about it and wanted to let you know that the team behind it are great people , a handful of excellent employees , don't you want to know about them ....they are Diane , Lakshmi and Leila . They are outstanding with their services , never I had to ask anything for second time , all feedback they gave me in 24 hrs. and they all kept me posted on the latest about my case . Rajiv , you have a great team , Iam sure you will be proud about them . I never knew doing Geen Card was so easy at . Thanks to you and big thanks to your team . GoodLuck and I will be in touch . Best wishes !!! Ranjit 510-209-5379

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