Guestbook Entry for Shoba Marudur, United States

Shoba Marudur
Georgia (GA)
United States

While the process of application to adjustment of status for my mother-in-law was in progress, (sponsored by my husband, a US citizen), my FIL and MIL came to India for a personal reason and there my FIL got into a medical emergency. My mother-in-law's finger print got rejected and they wanted conduct certificate for last 5 years wherever she lived. Now she is not in a position to travel to US until my FIL health gets stable, but we didn't know how to get the conduct certificate from US without her. That's where Mr. Khanna suggested I contact a congressman of our district and explain him the situation so that he will be able to solve the issue by talking to Immigration officers. This was definitely a helpful suggestion. I am yet to contact the congressman. Will let you know the results soon. Thank you very much for Khanna and his team for doing this great service free of cost.

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