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Ashley N.
United States

I have been in DC for 2.5 years now and spoken to many lawyers when it came to retaining services for immigration needs. In every interaction I have had with Rajiv's office, I was most impressed their honesty and no-nonsense attitude. Having dealt with some pretty bad lawyers who were more concerned about $$ than the interests of the client, dealing with Rajiv's firm was a breath of fresh air. I cannot say enough good things about Diane, my case manager. She really has been beyond fantastic. The most important thing for me was timely feedback, and in that regard, Diane was exceptional. I never ever had to ask as to what was going on with my application, b/c she was one step ahead in telling me. I wish I could send more positive comments about her, but I cant, simply because I do not believe it does her professionalism, her demeanor or her experience justice. Overall, a great experience (and one that only took 2.5 months for the GC ! ! !)

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