Guestbook Entry for Sandeep R Diwakar , United States

Sandeep R Diwakar
United States

I would like to give special thanks to Mathew Chacko,Rita Dhakal,Pramitha , Suman B for thier prompt service & quick responses during the process.The GC was filed in May 2003 & from then till April 2008 ( when my 485 got approved, wife is yet to be aproved )I have been in close touch with RK's office & I really should say that how every busy these guys are, they have always got back to me for any questions,doubts that I had from time to time.
I have heard stories from other colleagues , friends about some law offices & how they handle the client GC cases.I would highly recommend RK's office & his team to anyone who wants to file his GC thru employment. You are guys are no -1 in every way.
I would also add that my employer has been equally cooperative & supportive to me during the whole process.

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