Guestbook Entry for Nagesh Rayala, United States

Nagesh Rayala
United States
Green card is the most of important part of every immigrant.It holds even more valuable to Indians with the priority dates being so far away.
I started my Green card process with Law Offices of Rajiv S. Khanna, P.C..My labour went from one query to another,
From query to supervised recruitement.
Vijay Durgam was handling my case,He was very patient with me and my employer.He kept on persisting and never lost the sight even when we gave up the case.
I cannot stress the amount of care and effort he has put in getting the labour approved.We fought almost for 2yrs to get labout approved.
It was really lucky get a case manager like Vijay to handle this difficult case.As always Rajiv Khanna was there to guide us through.
When we got supervised recruitment,Me and my employer lost all the hope because of the percentage of approvals,but our lawyer never gave and did an excellent job.
My I140 also approved without any queries.I now have the all important priority date.
I thank everyone at Law Offices of Rajiv Khanna for their superb work and help.My special thanks to Vijay.

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