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Alexander S.
United States

I'd like to thank Law Offices of Rajiv S. Khanna, for all the assistance with my case. The whole GC process through your offices was a real pleasant experience. As I am mentioning below, it took USCIS 6 years to adjudicate this case, when it was transferred from my former company, but it was possible only because of prompt intervention from your side and finding the correct resolution for this problem. I couldn't say that it happened by itself - it was truly a collaborative effort between Mr. Khanna and all other people of Law Offices of R.S.Khanna, my current company, my former employer, and last but not least, support from my family. Unfortunately, it showed how inefficient the government could be in certain aspects, and only diligence and persistence turned this into a success.
There was a complex RFE for I-485 AOS based on employment 2 years ago, which involved a H1-b denial of extension for former employer, handling status during that period, new H1-b, and travel to home country for visa stamping.
I’d like to thank Mathew Chacko for handling my case and all aspects of it.
I'd like to mention the diligence of Bharathi for answering to my emails almost instantenousely.
I'd like to thank Mr. Iqbal for stepping in and making sure about timely communication with USCIS NSC.
I'd like to thank Leslie and Prernaji for helping with other matters.
If you need your complex case done right, don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Khanna and his wonderful team.

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