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Green Card Before Marriage

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I am currently waiting for my final visa interview since my priority date became current just last July. The target date of the interview may be between December to May (6-9 months from priority became current, right?) As of the moment, my civil status is single but I'm planning to get married soon but the schedule might be only after my final visa interview. Will I still be able to include my husband in the petition? If so, what should be done and what will be the range of months for the processing time?

It is difficult for me to plan your course, but the law is relatively simple. If you get married BEFORE green card approval, your spouse is entitled to "follow to join." That process tends to be quicker than if you get married after you get the green card approval.

Applying for Mother's Green Card and Birth Certificate Issues

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I am planning to file green card (I130/I1485) for my mother. She was born in 1949 in India and does not have her birth certificate. Only identity with date of birth she has is her passport and Aadhar card. She has visited US couple of times.

  1. I want to know is it required for her to submit birth certificate or a non-availability of birth certificate for I485?
  2. What are the options if these documents are not available?
  3. Does USCIS accept birth certificate from the Indian consulate in NY?
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Go ahead and get a certificate of non-availability if possible, get a birth certificate from New York, get two affidavits from people who were alive when she was born and submit all of that together.

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