Recording of October 27, 2022, Free US Immigration Community Conference Call with Rajiv

FAQ: What happens to H-1B after Green Card approval? || OPT eligibility requirements, F-1 status for one academic year, and Change of Status or visa stamping from back to H-4 || PERM issues for a green card for remote jobs - headquarters || Can an H-1B visa holder rent via Airbnb? Is this a violation of status? || How long does it take from PERM to Green Card, and difference between NIW and PERM Labor Certification? || Applying for E-2 Visa with a pending family-based Green Card; who can be the main applicant for an E-2 visa? ||

Other: Who can authorize CPT during winter break in school? || Future issues if your I-94 is "Not Found" online || Working remotely on H-1B from another country (India), Change of employers, Extending visitor visa (Form DS-160 mentions one month) for parents and Returning to the U.S. cap-exempt H-1B because of prior approved H-1B || On H-1B status: Pending I-485, I-765, & I-131 based on an approved I-526 and no H-1B visa stamp on the passport - Traveling back to the U.S. without Advance Parole || Switching from H-1B to H-4 EAD without a gap in the ability to work continuously|| H-1B to Marriage Based Green Card || Working while waiting for H-1B extension ||

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