Compelling Circumstances EAD

Is Interview Required for Compelling Circumstances EAD?

Recently USCIS announced that when a I-485 application is filed the Candidate has to go through the interview process. Is this applicable to the COMPELLING CIRCUMSTANCES EAD as well?

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Video Transcript

No. Not so far. The government has not indicated that they will be requiring an interview before issuing a Compelling Circumstances EAD. That's only confined to the I-485 applications. More


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Compelling Circumstances EAD

We recently filed an application for an EAD based on compelling circumstances for a client with a major medical concern. The applicant was on an H-1B status. We provided a petition to USCIS outlining the applicant’s medical history and the ongoing treatment that showed the progression of his illness, which limited his ability to perform his job duties. He was initially placed on short-term disability but as the condition progressed, it was necessary for applicant to be placed on long-term disability.
Compelling circumstances EAD approved
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