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May 28, 2020 Recording of Free Community Conference Call (Every Other Thursday)

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Discussion Topics, Thursday, 28 May 2020:

FAQ: Applying for I-485 through a past employer or through a new employer || L-1A moving back to home country with green card pending || Can green card be applied for an old job under the international manager EB1C category? || Applying for naturalization/citizenship under Trump administration || Effect on H-1B of working from outside the USA ||  Laid off while green card is pending

Other:  Porting priority date from EB-2 two EB-1C as international manager || J-1 gap in status/O-1 visa || H-1 RFE converting to H-4 || Amendment or extension timing || Nunc pro tunc or consular processing of H-1B || H-4 extensions || OPT and CPT times || International adoption procedures || F-1 student working in the USA for a foreign company, etc.

Guestbook Entry for Dr. ManoJ Jadhav, United States

Dr. ManoJ Jadhav
United States

I have been working with Mr. Khanna and his expert team for both O1 visa as well as recently got EB1 approved. The team is an exclusive set of experts with an exceptional expertise to work with each client and they deliver the right product with a BIG smile on each clients face with a positive outcome!! Strongly, recommend Mr. Khanna and Diane to work with!!! Dr. Manoj Jadhav.

Current Immigration/Visa Options for Entrepreneurs

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What are the requirements to get a visa and green card as an international entrepreneur? Is the start-up visa effective?

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A few options for Entrepreneurial Visas:

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New Direct Filing Addresses for L, O, and P Nonimmigrant Petitions for Beneficiaries in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina

USCIS has changed the direct filing addresses for where to file certain forms for beneficiaries who will be working or training in Florida, Georgia, or North Carolina. The changes are as follows: 

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Puneet Srivastava
Uttar Pradesh

It has been an amazing experience with my H1 transfer this time. I was getting RFEs in all the last 3 times when my H1B petition was filed, but this time, it got approved straight without an RFE in just 10 days of time with premium processing. This definitely indicates that the documentation done was very much detailed and complete. Apart from this, prompt communication is something that I really appreciate a lot. Thanks for all the support.